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Worst Presentation Disaster!

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When I was still working at InFocus a dozen years ago, I was asked to team up with Tom Mucciolo, a NY delivery skills coach, at a trade show.  InFocus had a huge booth and Tom and I were to put on “shows” every 30-minutes around our client services group and our presentation design business.  True to form for laptops back in 1997 , you were guaranteed at least one lock-up.

Sure enough with 30 people standing there, and during a demo of some embedded video in PowerPoint, the laptop froze. It took a good 3-4 minutes to reboot while Tom vamped some crazy dialog around our wonderful services. 10 minutes later with the same group – disaster struck once again. The moral to that story… if something can go wrong – it usually will with the greatest amount of people in attendence.  Today, I test everything!