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Why do our clients send us around the globe?

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Our larger, international clients have a lot of options for training…


and there are probably hundreds of presentation skills companies out of country.  So why does one of Distinction’s international client companies send us all the way to Europe and beyond to train their important teams?  The answer is pretty straight forward.

  1.  Consistency-  There are a number of large, US-based international training companies that can call in local “partners” around the globe.  But they often suffer from the same shortcoming.  They rely heavily on training contractors who can vary greatly in their grasp of the content – delivering Excel classes one day and presentation skills the next.  And because they’re delivering someone else’s content, they often lack the seasoned expertise that comes from being a part of a team that only delivers presentation skills workshops and who constantly collaborate on making it better and better.
  2.  Methodology- Distinction has a unique and proven skill-upon-skill approach for helping individuals get the very most out of their coaching day experience.  And because some of Distinction’s team are keynote speakers themselves, we have very personal insight on the skills we teach our clients.  Other trainers?   They often teach rote approaches they’ve gleaned from a coaching manual.  That makes Distinction different.
  3.  Trust– When you know a company.  When a client reads trainee reviews time and again that rate this workshop “one of the best” they’ve experienced, why go looking for another partner?   People stay with people they trust.  That’s why they choose Distinction.