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Not your typical presentation skills company.

There are certainly a lot of good presentation skills companies out there these days. But as you look for a partner in this important area, not all of them are created equal. Here are some things that make us a bit different…

Small, responsive, and adaptable.  Throw away the cookie cutter.  Distinction is constantly refining our training methodologies based on new research, current best practices, and always the unique needs of our clients. The big guys… not so much.

Uniquely experienced. We work with Fortune 500 companies to local small start-ups. Engineers to shoe designers. TEDx speakers to energy traders. Attorneys to sales teams. We don’t have a narrow niche. Our coaching instincts have been forged through working with a diverse group of clients.

Offer a unique experience. The vast majority of our workshop attendees rate our sessions as “one of the best” professional development workshops they’ve ever attended. Why? They experience a coaching environment that’s safe, engaging but incredibly challenging, practical, and productive.

Diverse in our offerings. We offer one-on-one executive coaching, small group training, virtual coaching, event speaker support, and message consulting. Something for everyone.

Top-rated speakers ourselves. None of our coaching is theoretical or hand-me-down methodologies. We’ve stood on the big stage ourselves and know what it takes to be the presenter people remember. That insight will always be critical to the coaching process.

We support you after training too. Attendees are provided a password to a special alumni webpage filled with resources to help them keep their skills sharp and ready to roll. (Videos refreshers, helpful whitepapers etc)