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Everyone has a story. Here’s ours.

It all started in 1998 when Jim Endicott, who began his career in the computer graphics industry, started offering visual presentation design services.

But unfortunately, crisp visuals couldn’t mask a client’s weak messaging. So in a 2000 collaboration with a Seattle psychologist, Dr. Scott Lee, Distinction created a science-based messaging methodology.

But crisp visuals and clear messaging couldn’t have a significant impact if cloaked in a nervous, mechanical delivery. So in 2003, the third and final puzzle piece was created: speaker coaching. Thus the trifecta was born:

Crisp visuals
Clear messaging
Confident delivery

In 2010, Jim’s daughter Amy joined the company and in December 2022, twenty-four years after building Distinction, Jim handed over the keys to the coaching kingdom to Amy as he retired. Jim’s legacy,  growing a small start-up into a reputable speaker coaching firm working with some of America’s largest companies, continues through Distinction’s support of clients all around the world through virtual and in-person coaching experiences.

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