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Everyone has a story. Here’s ours.

It all started in 1998 when founder Jim Endicott, who began his career in the computer graphics industry, started offering visual presentation design services that took our clients visuals to the next level.


But unfortunately, beautiful visuals couldn’t mask a client’s weak messaging.

So in a 2000 collaboration with a Seattle psychologist, Dr. Scott Lee, Distinction created a science-based messaging methodology that allowed our clients to tell their stories in a more engaging way and their ability to connect took an important step forward.

But beautiful visuals and engaging messaging couldn’t have a significant impact if cloaked in a nervous, mechanical delivery.

So in 2003 the third and final critical competency for our client’s success was added to Distinction’s services: consistent and strong delivery skills coaching.  By adding small group and one-on-one coaching coaching to take an individual’s physical delivery skills to the next level, a trifecta of essential support was finally complete:


Clear visual best practices
Solid messaging insight
Confident delivery skills coaching



In 2010, Distinction became a father-daughter business when Jim’s daughter Amy joined the company. Together, along with the influence of former employee/friend Fred Barnes, Distinction grew from a small start-up into a reputable, reliable speaker coaching firm working with some of America’s largest companies.

In December 2022, twenty-four years after building Distinction, Jim handed over the keys to the coaching kingdom to Amy as he entered retirement. Jim’s legacy and the impact of Distinction continues to serve clients all around the world through virtual and in-person coaching experiences.


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