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Everyone has a story. Here’s ours.

Over two decades ago Distinction came into being because it seemed like presenters were not being well-served.  Many wanted to get better but the best advice being offered to them then (and even now) felt a bit superficial… go out and buy an electronic projector or install the latest presentation software for more ‘pizazz and wow’.

They did those things… spent that money, but painfully discovered their ability to be heard didn’t really change at all.  Being a good presenter was a bit more complicated than a quick purchase at Best Buy.

The art of presenting effectively will always be a challenging mix of both relational, technical and common sense design skills.  No wonder the whole process has felt so daunting from the very beginning.

In 1998, founder Jim Endicott who began his career in the computer graphics industry and was an author of an award-winning columnist for PRESENTATIONS magazine, began offering visual presentation design services that took his clients visuals to a next important level.  But it was obvious their needs went much deeper.

Then in a 2000 collaboration with a Seattle psychologist, Dr. Scott Lee, Distinction created a science-based messaging methodology that allowed our clients to tell their stories in a more engaging way and their ability to connect took an important step forward.

Mission accomplished? Not quite.

Then the third and final critical competency for our client’s success was obvious: consistent and strong delivery skills under pressure.  By adding small group and one-on-one coaching coaching to take an individual’s physical delivery skills to the next level, a trifecta of essential support was finally complete. Expert guidance in best practice visuals. Solid messaging insight.  And a confident and engaging delivery skill approach.

From a small start-up in 1998 to working with executives in some of America’s largest companies today, Portland to Boston to Brussels to Abu Dhabi… Distinction continues to explore creative new ways to serve our clients better and better.  When we continue to grow and learn… so do they.

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