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Looking for relevant speakers for your keynote stage or in your breakout session schedule? Distinction adds value to your event by offering high energy, interactive sessions on a variety of personal communication topics.

Speaker Bio

Amy Wolff

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President at Distinction Communication, TEDx Speaker

Amy Wolff is President of Distinction Communication, Inc, a speaker coaching firm out of Portland, OR. When clients need a trusted truth-teller to help them accurately assess their presentation skills, she provides expert, hands-on coaching. In addition to coaching business professionals, Amy is also a TEDx speaker coach for TEDxPortland, one of the top five TEDx organizations in the world. In May 2017, Amy accidentally began a global movement of spreading hope and love, which became the Don’t Give Up Movement, and shares the inspiring story in her book Signs of Hope. When Amy’s not with clients and running a nonprofit, she’s playing board games with her young family, cheering from soccer sidelines, and trying to keep (too many) house plants alive.


“Amy was the best lunch & learn session I have attended (and I go to almost all of them). No wonder her business is coaching speakers. If I had heard this at the beginning of my career, it would have helped me immensely”


Speaking Topics

Insider Speaking Tips from a TEDx Speaker Coach (60-90 minutes)

What is it about TED Talks that inspire millions around the world one idea at a time? In this engaging session where you will get a behind-the-scenes look at how a 10-18 minute talk is made. Leave this session knowing the number one reason a talk (or presentation) succeeds or fails. Learn the best way to win over your audience whether it’s on a stage, across a board room table, interviewing or at a networking event. Also understand how to practically prepare for those opportunities. While you may never stand in the spotlight on the iconic TED red rug, your ideas (and how well you present them) matter.

– Glean tips to creating more fluid, clear, and engaging content
– Understand the power of authenticity
– Learn four fundamental speaking skills of a credible, passionate speaker



Storytelling to Drive Ideas Deeper (60-90 minutes)

Storytelling has become a buzz term in corporate culture but what does it mean on a practical level as a speaker? In this session you’ll learn the 4 principles of how to tell a good story (and identify the pitfalls to avoid). We’ll discuss how to integrate those stories into our presentations and meetings. And finally, you’ll walk away with insights how to efficiently organize your messages for better flow, clarity, and impact! Bottom line: our audiences are insanely busy and distracted. It’s time to flex our storytelling muscles so our messages can cut through the noise!

– Understand the science and impact of good storytelling
– Learn 3 creative and simple ways to find an impactful story
– Identify 3 essential tips to being an effective storyteller



Standing Out in a Sea of Voices (60-90 minutes)

You’ll be presenting your ideas the rest of your life to very busy and distracted audiences. Unfortunately most people go through their careers never quite understanding how they’re doing in this critical skill set or not knowing how to improve. Not anymore. In this highly engaging session, you’ll learn the four fundamental speaking skills that separate great communicators from average ones. Through discussions, video clips, and observing live professional coaching with volunteers, you’ll understand how to engage with your audiences; to stand out in a sea of other voices competing for their attention.

– Leverage consistent eye contact to be confident and engaging
– Use more meaningful gestures to look more comfortable and credible
– Leverage stronger vocal delivery to be clear and articulate
– Master purposeful and relaxed movement for a stronger presence



Speaking Your Audience’s Language (60-90 minutes)

You can have a well-crafted presentation, a confident presence, and the best ideas and still fail to influence. The reality is that we’re all wired differently. Our personalities are different, our motivations are different, and our styles are different. Good communicators are not only self-aware, understanding their own style, but can also quickly recognize when they need to adapt their approach to others. In this session, learn how to quickly identify 4 basic relational styles and understand how to rapidly adapt your communication style. When we strive for greater collaboration and effective communication, we must learn how to influence our audiences by speaking their language.

– Discover your own communication style
– Learn how to quickly identify 4 basic styles in others
– Understand how to adapt for maximum influence
– Develop a game plan to strategically engage any style