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We know how to captivate an audience.

Looking for relevant speakers for your keynote stage or in your breakout session schedule? Distinction adds value to your event by offering high energy, interactive sessions on a variety of personal communication topics.

Speaker Bios

Amy Wolff

Amy Wolff of Distinction Communication
VP and Senior Trainer, Distinction Communication

Amy Wolff is a highly-rated event speaker, senior trainer and executive coach. Her passion, practical insights, and highly interactive sessions have added a unique flavor to corporate events, mixers, sales conferences and breakout session offerings all around the globe. In addition to event speaking, small group workshops, and one-on-one coaching, Amy is also a speaker coach for TEDxPortland, one of the top five TEDx organizations in the world.


“Amy was the best lunch & learn session I have attended (and I go to almost all of them). No wonder her business is coaching speakers. If I had heard this at the beginning of my career, it would have helped me immensely”

Jim Endicott

Jim Endicott of Distinction Communication
President, Distinction Communication

Jim Endicott is no stranger to the big stage. His 20+ years as a nationally-recognized executive coach, award-winning writer and management consultant have given him a unique vantage point for understanding what it takes to be heard these days. Through personal stories and rich interaction, Jim offers his audiences a host of practical tools, insight and compelling research that can be put to use in anyone’s next big presentation. (Jim has IABC’s “All-Star” top speaker rating)

As a certified Toastmaster and seasoned public relations professional, I have heard many presentations on presentations over the years. Yours was the absolute best by far.  Practical. Understandable. Powerfully usable.”

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Speaking Topics

Insider Speaking Tips from a TEDx Speaker Coach (60 minute session)
Applying the powerful elements of successful TED Talks to your business presentations

  • Understand the number one goal in any and every presentation
  • Develop your speaking presence in 4 practical skills
  • Learn methods to keep your audience’s attention

The Art of Leadership Communication (60 or 90 minute session)
Equipping today’s leaders for communicating messages that have the power to align, challenge, inform and inspire.

  • Learn the science behind 3 essential channels of communication
  • Better understand why the ‘how’ part of communication always trumps the ‘what’
  • Discover the #1 communication attribute of truly great leaders

Standing Out in a Sea of Voices (60 or 90 minute session)
A crash course for taking your presentation skills to the next level.

  • Leverage consistent eye contact to build greater trust and believability
  • Master purposeful and relaxed movement for a stronger presence
  • Use more meaningful gestures to create emphasis to key points and ideas
  • Leverage stronger vocal delivery to sound more confident, credible and articulate

Speaking Your Audience’s Language (60 or 90 minute session)
Adaptive communication style insights for creating more influence and impact in your world

  • Learn how to quickly identify the 4 basic relational styles
  • Understand how to rapidly adapt to other styles for maximum influence and personal impact
  • Relate more effectively to other internal/external team members
  • Discover how to target presentation messages more effectively on the fly
  • Understand how to create longer lasting influence with key decision makers

Getting Through to Busy and Distracted People (60 or 90 minute session)
The art of persuasion, influence and personal impact

  • Understand how to forge value propositions with staying power – Resonate, Differentiate, Substantiate
  • Learn a proven 7-step model for wrapping your value around the needs and issues of others
  • Discover what ABCs’ The Shark Tank teaches us about communicating value and ideas under pressure
  • Participate in a table exercise that will help you quickly apply the model in a real world context
  • For those brief opportunities, learn a simple model for communicating the 1-minute value proposition