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Standing Out in a Sea of Voices

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There’s one thing every business professional shares in common. A few actually enjoy it.  Many sidestep it whenever possible. Curious?  We’re all constantly being called on to present our ideas to others. And our ability to do that well often impacts how far we can go and even what we might earn.

This brief compilation of insightful blogs will help you fully leverage those critical moments and revisit one of the most misunderstood and inconsistently executed business processes.

Topics include…

  • The High Cost of Being Average
  • Lessons from the Shark Tank
  • The Price to Achieve All You Want to Achieve
  • A Virtual Reality – 5 Mistakes of Web Presenters and What You Can Do
  • The Most Common Attribute of Today’s Best Presenters
  • 5 Minutes to Make an Impression? How About 5 Seconds
  • Did Death by PowerPoint Become a Reality at GM