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The Confident and Engaging Presenter – Large Group

All the team is in town. You’re looking for a training session they can all participate in but you don’t want some fluff experience. This larger group workshop is guaranteed to give them the tools they need to take their personal communication skills up to the next level.

Group Size
Small groups up to 100
8 hours (Typically 8:30am-4:30pm)


This fast-paced one-day training workshop touches everyone’s presentation world.

First, we do a deep dive on the skills related to delivering a confident presentation as the whole group participates in a coaching session.  Next we explore what goes into a truly engaging message and apply the new know-how in a practical planning session. We know bad visuals can drive an otherwise good presentation into the ground so we’ll explore some best practice approaches.

Finally, we’ll take everyone deeper in understanding the science of influence, deeper collaboration, team building and message supercharging!

  • Learn the 4 critical skill areas that can elevate how they deliver a strong presentation.
  • Discover a powerful 7-step model for shaping stronger presentation messages
  • Gain best practice insight for creating more effective visuals
  • Learn how to speak your audience’s language for stronger collaboration and connection.
  • Learn the 3 channels for communication and how to use them strategically
  • Go deep quicker with your audiences with storytelling

“Learning so much about yourself in one day is an incredible feeling!”

Training Options

Group Training

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to train teams and small groups, this is it. Attendees get personalized videotaped feedback in a highly-engaging and safe learning environment.

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One-On-One Coaching

Designed for leaders or event speakers that need more personalized coaching in a confidential, supportive and customized environment.

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Virtual Coaching

Don’t have the time or budget for onsite coaching? These unique virtual training options give you access to accelerated presentation training when and how you want it.

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