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Refining the Art of Presenting

If anyone sits through a two day workshop, it better be worth it. That’s why we’ve developed a fast-paced, engaging and immersive group training experience that introduces an important set of core presentation skills followed by real life application to reinforce what you learned.

Group Size
8-12 participants
Two days (Typically 9am-4pm)


Think of this training in two parts: skills development and relevant application. Spend one day learning, discussing, and practicing foundational presentation skills through recorded exercises with real-time feedback from a coach. We know that applying these skills when the pressure is on during a real presentation can be a challenge. That’s why the second day dives deeper into preparation strategies and ends with rolling all the skills together in a final real life scenario presentation.

Day 1 Outcomes

  • Leverage consistent eye contact to build greater trust and believability
  • Master purposeful and relaxed movement for a stronger presence
  • Use more meaningful gestures to create emphasis to key points and ideas
  • Leverage stronger vocal delivery to sound more confident, credible and articulate
  • Discover a powerful 7-step model for shaping stronger presentation messages
  • Gain best practice insight for creating more effective visuals

Day 2 Outcomes

  • Reinforce the core skills learned in day 1
  • Refine the art of effective Q&A interactions and the art of storytelling
  • Learn how to nail an elevator pitch
  • Understand different communication styles and how to adapt
  • Collaborate on planning a presentation message for your real life scenarios
  • Deliver a final presentation with real-time group and coach feedback
  • Walk away with best practice approaches you can apply the rest of your career

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“The course was a powerful amazing eye opener and had my full attention from the time we started to the time we finished each day.”

Training Options

Group Training

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to train teams and small groups, this is it. Attendees get personalized videotaped feedback in a highly-engaging and safe learning environment.

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One-On-One Coaching

Designed for leaders or event speakers that need more personalized coaching in a confidential, supportive and customized environment.

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Virtual Coaching

Don’t have the time or budget for onsite coaching? These unique virtual training options give you access to accelerated presentation training when and how you want it.

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