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Speaker Coaching for High-profile Events

Long after attendees forget the flashy materials and goodie bags, they remember the quality of the speakers they sat through for several days. Did they engage, challenge, and inspire? Or numb their brains over hours of agonizing presentations? We can make a difference.

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Note: Virtual Speaker Coaching is also available to work with those who are preparing to speak at virtual events.



Some leaders are okay speakers. A few maybe even be pretty good. But the vast majority rarely practice the unique skills needed to stand on a large stage staring down at a confidence monitor, timer and hundreds of faces in a large audience. We help prepare event speakers to leverage their high visibility opportunities through one-on-one delivery skills coaching, videotaped exercises, and message consulting.

Engagement goals

  • Personal delivery skills: We help your speakers practice the foundational stage skills needed to be perceived as engaging and confident presenters.
  • Message flow: Struggling with the message? We help you shape your content to get through to your busy and distracted audience.
  • Storytelling skills: Let’s face it, churning through screens of business metrics are rarely motivational. We help speakers shape the perfect personal story to help them make their point more quickly.
  • Stronger visuals: Creative visual aids can be the difference between being remembered for years or forgotten in minutes. We help presenters distill down all their information into what’s needed to make their point.
  • Q&A interactions: The presentation is done… except for the often unpredictable Q&A time. Are you prepared? We help you practice responses that show your audience that not only are you ready, but you’re eager to engage.
  • Special situations: Maybe you’ve been asked to co-present with others or do an onstage interview or demo. These scenarios seem like no-brainers but are fraught with pitfalls. Let us help you and your team prepare for those important moments.

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“Having you as coach is like having a secret weapon in my back pocket! It was one of the most intense presentations I’ve prepared for. We pulled it off. When we were done the prospective client said it was the best presentation he’s ever seen in his life.”

Training Options

Group Training

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to train teams and small groups, this is it. Attendees get personalized videotaped feedback in a highly-engaging and safe learning environment.

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One-On-One Coaching

Designed for leaders or event speakers that need more personalized coaching in a confidential, supportive and customized environment.

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Virtual Coaching

Don’t have the time or budget for onsite coaching? These unique virtual training options give you access to accelerated presentation training when and how you want it.

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