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Personalized Skills Coaching

None of us gets presentation 'do-overs' and sometimes the stakes are just too high not to seek out a little help. If this is you, our individual coaching support is personalized, in-depth, objective and provides a safe and confidential setting for quickly taking your skills (and important message) to the next level.

Group Size
One-on-one coaching


It doesn’t seem to be enough these days for leaders to just be proficient at communicating data or metrics. The pressure is on to cast a more compelling vision of the future, align teams around new corporate objectives or persevere through adversity. Their communication skills have a bottom line impact on everything they touch.

Whether for ongoing professional development or preparation for a big event, these engagements offer leaders an opportunity for honest feedback, personalized coaching through recorded practices and optional message consulting.

Engagement Length

Engagement length based on specific needs, typically from 3 sessions (preparing for an upcoming speaking event) to 6 sessions (ongoing professional development).

Engagement Goals

  • Develop more accurate self-awareness of their speaking presence (how they come across)
  • Build a solid foundation of confident presentation skills that can be applied in a range of settings
  • Understand their communication style defaults and how to adapt for those they lead
  • Learn best practices for message development (clarity, transitions, storytelling etc)

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“WOW! WOW! & WOW! What a transformation. This is what I have been telling people that this guy is capable of being – more dynamic and assertive.” – VP of Global Sales and Marketing

Training Options

Group Training

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to train teams and small groups, this is it. Attendees get personalized videotaped feedback in a highly-engaging and safe learning environment.

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One-On-One Coaching

Designed for leaders or event speakers that need more personalized coaching in a confidential, supportive and customized environment.

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Virtual Coaching

Don’t have the time or budget for onsite coaching? These unique virtual training options give you access to accelerated presentation training when and how you want it.

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