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A 90-minute Webinar

What is it about TED Talks that inspire millions around the world one idea at a time? In this story-driven session we'll discuss three practical keys to becoming an influential presenter. While you may never stand in the spotlight on the iconic TED red rug, your ideas (and how well you present them) matter.

Group Size
Dependent on group interaction goals
90-minute session

In this engaging session, you will get a behind-the-scenes look at how a 10-18 minute talk is made from Amy Wolff. Drawing on her seven years of coaching TEDx speakers, Amy will share the unique hiccups and lessons learned and offer clear practical tips for everyone. Leave this session knowing the number one reason a talk (or presentation) succeeds or fails. Learn the best way to win over your audience whether it’s on a stage, across a board room table, or in interviews. Also understand how to practically prepare for those opportunities. This session is as entertaining and interesting as it is practical and relevant!


  • Leverage the power of eye contact (even virtually!) to demonstrate confidence
  • Use more meaningful gestures to be more dynamic and add emphasis to key points
  • Deliver content in a strong clear voice to sound credible and articulate
  • Gain credibility through authenticity
  • Organize your content and ideas in a clear, fluid presentation
  • Integrate storytelling into your meetings to break up data/bullet points

Training Options

Group Training

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to train teams and small groups, this is it. Attendees get personalized videotaped feedback in a highly-engaging and safe learning environment.

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One-On-One Coaching

Designed for leaders or event speakers that need more personalized coaching in a confidential, supportive and customized environment.

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Virtual Coaching

Don’t have the time or budget for onsite coaching? These unique virtual training options give you access to accelerated presentation training when and how you want it.

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