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A Virtual Group Workshop

Whether you feel like a nervous wreck while virtual presenting or you're a total pro, your comfort level should never be your measuring stick to how well you did. To make sure you and your ideas are having an impact, you need clear, practical, professional feedback. Our expert coaching will help you gain accurate self-awareness and provide best practices to fine-tune your speaking skills and message strategies.

Group Size
4-5 attendees
2, 3-hour virtual sessions

Session 1 – Being a Confident Communicator

This interactive, 3-hour virtual workshop is broken down into easy-to-digest sections that introduce a new skill, provide discussion and video examples, then opportunity to practice the skill with real-time feedback from a coach as you participate in 3 speaking exercises. You’ll leave session 1 with immediately applicable tips to improve your speaking presence in a broad range of settings!

Elevate your speaking presence in a virtual setting
Leverage the power of eye contact
Use more meaningful gestures to create emphasis to key points and ideas
Leverage stronger vocal delivery to sound more confident, credible and articulate
Master purposeful and relaxed movement for a stronger presence


Session 2 – Creating a Compelling Message

In this second 3-hour session, we’ll introduce a new tool for message development and best practices for storytelling, leading virtual meetings, and more effective (and less mind-numbing) visuals. Leave our training with a clear game plan of how to get the most out of every virtual communication opportunity.

Learn best practices for more impactful (and less mind-numbing) visuals
Discover the critical elements of good storytelling
Explore a messaging tool to organize ideas for more clarity
Learn practical insights for leading virtual meetings


$595 total for both sessions

Technical requirements

Reliable internet connection
Front-facing camera
A quiet spot free from distraction
Well-lit space large enough for you to stand and move
Avoid bright windows behind you

Workshop dates

Cohort 1
Session #1
Friday May 22, 9-12pm PST
Session #2 Friday May 29, 9-12pm PST

Cohort 2 –
Session #1
 Wednesday June 10, 9-12pm PST
Session #2 Wednesday June 17, 9-12pm PST

Cohort 3
Session #1 Wednesday August 12, 9-12pm PST
Session #2 Wednesday August 19, 9-12pm PST

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