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2 Things You Can’t Teach a Speaker and How Fawn Weaver Nailed Them for TEDxPortland

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There are some things you can’t teach in the field of public speaking (which I hate to admit but it’s true).


Passion and commitment.


I can’t make people passionate about their ideas. If a presenter isn’t interested in what they’re saying, why should an audience?


I also can’t coach someone to be committed. Some clients come to training because it was mandated by a manager (okay, probably most of the time). But once in a while I get a client who wants to be great. They’re eager and committed because they want to be respected and influential.


Meet Fawn Weaver.

She oozes passion and commitment.




I was paired with Fawn as a speaker coach when she was asked to speak at TEDxPortland this year. She’s a strong, motivated, and successful woman (and now friend!).


Our 2 month journey was unique in preparing for TEDx.


Because we live in different states, we did all our coaching via Skype. We had to get creative.


In the coaching session captured above (my home office), Fawn was in Poland doing a book tour just 7 days before TEDx. Despite an 8 hour time difference, jet lag, and an insane schedule, Fawn committed to practice. What you can’t see in the picture above is her standing in the middle of a hotel room, making eye contact with objects strategically placed around the room, working out her delivery.


Fawn was already a phenomenal speaker. But she was committed to finding her ‘next level’. And it paid off.


On May 30th Fawn stood on the TEDx red carpet and challenged thousands of people (if not the whole darn world!) to have argument free relationships. With humor, story, and conviction, Fawn shared 3 practical ways to achieve a more happy marriage.





Watch Fawn’s passion in action here!